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Rush Oak Park Hospital and letuscater: A Recipe for Lunch and Learn Excellence

Rush Oak Park Hospital

Event Overview

520 S Maple Ave, Oak Park, IL 60304

April 19, 2024


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The FedEx management team in Chicago enjoyed a delicious breakfast infused with authentic Atolito Mexican flavors, catered by Let Us Cater.
Our driver Sam arrived promptly and professionally set up the lunch room for their upcoming meeting.


Event Overview

Rush Oak Park Hospital, located at 520 S Maple Ave, Oak Park, IL 60304, has been enjoying a long-term partnership with Let Us Cater for their Pharmaceutical Lunch and Learn event for doctors, nurses, and other staff. This collaboration has been instrumental in providing a positive dining experience for the hospital's employees during the event.

Client's Requirements

Rush Oak Park Hospital sought a catering service that could cater to the diverse tastes, dietary restrictions, and cultural preferences of its 40 employees attending the Pharmaceutical Lunch and Learn event. They required a partner who could consistently deliver high-quality, fresh ingredients and exceptional culinary expertise to ensure employee satisfaction.


Let Us Cater is Chicago's trusted catering partner for:

And any event that doesn't require a private chef since 2001.

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Our main benefits include:

Whether you need sandwiches, salads, hot entrees, snacks, or desserts, Let Us Cater can provide delicious and convenient catered meals tailored to your event and dietary needs. Contact us today to start planning your next Chicago catering order!

Our Solution

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Let Us Cater successfully met Rush Oak Park Hospital's catering needs for the Pharma Lunch and Learn event by curating diverse menus that accommodate various dietary requirements and cultural preferences.

Our commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients and our culinary expertise allowed us to deliver dishes that met the highest standards of taste and presentation.

Our dedicated team worked closely with the hospital to create customized menus that catered to the specific needs of their employees for the event.

Through our attention to detail and proactive approach, we contributed to the success of the event!

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"Let Us Cater's exceptional service and diverse menu options went above and beyond our expectations for the Pharma Lunch and Learn event. Their commitment to fresh ingredients and delicious food, paired with seamless delivery, made the event a resounding success. We look forward to partnering with them for future events."

Rush Oak Park Hospital Team

Experience the letuscater Difference!

At Let Us Cater, we understand that every organization has unique catering needs. If you have already worked with our team of culinary experts, please, share your experience with us!

Whether you're just planning a special corporate event or looking for catering services, Let Us Cater is here to exceed your expectations.

Take the first step towards elevating your organization's culinary journey by contacting Let Us Cater today!

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