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Culinary Excellence from letuscater at Athletico Physical Therapy's Educational Event

Athletico Physical Therapy's Educational Event

Event Overview

Northbrook Downtown, Illinois

March 10, 2024


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The FedEx management team in Chicago enjoyed a delicious breakfast infused with authentic Atolito Mexican flavors, catered by Let Us Cater.
Our driver Sam arrived promptly and professionally set up the lunch room for their upcoming meeting.


Event Overview

Athletico Physical Therapy hosted a Pharmaceutical Lunch and Learn event for doctors, nurses, and staff on March 10, 2024, in Northbrook Downtown, Illinois. This event focused on providing an enriching educational experience for professionals in the physical therapy industry.

Client's Requirements

Athletico Physical Therapy sought a diverse and high-quality catering service to complement its educational event. They emphasized the need for culinary variety to cater to the eclectic tastes of their 30 attendees. They were looking for seamless delivery and setup to ensure the event proceeded without interruption.


Let Us Cater is Chicago's trusted catering partner for:

And any event that doesn't require a private chef since 2001.

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Our main benefits include:

Whether you need sandwiches, salads, hot entrees, snacks, or desserts, Let Us Cater can provide delicious and convenient catered meals tailored to your event and dietary needs. Contact us today to start planning your next Chicago catering order!

Our Solution

athletic performance

Let Us Cater successfully met Athletico Physical Therapy’s event needs by providing a comprehensive catering solution.

Our service included diverse menu options from La Vida Italian Catering and Atolito Mexican Catering, tailored to satisfy the wide range of culinary preferences among the attendees.

Our dedicated delivery driver, Mike, ensured timely delivery and professional setup in the lunchroom before the event.

Our meticulous planning and execution demonstrated our team’s commitment to quality and ability to tackle logistical challenges, ensuring the event's success without any disruptions.

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"The team at Let Us Cater exceeded our expectations with their exceptional service and culinary diversity. Seeing the smiles on our team’s faces as they enjoyed the lunch was truly rewarding. A special thanks to the catering consultant team for their outstanding effort. We are looking forward to writing a 5-star testimonial review."

Athletico Physical Therapy Team

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